The Simple Money Making Formula

Here is the formula I used for writing a blog post that makes $500 per month.

1. The Simple Money Making Formula

2. How To Select An Expired Domain 

3. How To Find Profitable Affiliate Programs

4. Profitable Keyword Research

5.  How To Write Content That Ranks

6. How To Increase Google Pagerank In 2019

7. Internal Link Building Made Simple

8. Effective Link Building Strategies

9. Getting Started Guide

Your goal is to increase your search traffic, right?

I know you want to optimize your site for Google so you can rank higher. But what’s the point if higher rankings don’t increase your revenue?

My other blog FunnelXpert only gets 1,500 visitors per month.

But look at the earnings:

Thrive Themes commissions 5

Between March 2018 and May 2019, about 70 posts have been published on that blog. The above earnings, however, came from just two of the blog posts, .

At the beginning earnings were sporadic, however for the last 3 months the blog has been making over $500 every single month.

This is not a lot and the results were accidental, but success shows that I was doing something right. Therefore I analyzed the results and I am going to share the results with you.


Start with monetization and not with traffic.

  • You need a high-converting product with a proven sales history.
  • It also needs to have a high payout. The affiliate program I was using pays between $50-$114 per sale.

My experience is that not all products sell.

I cannot give you exact instructions on how to monetize your site, but here are some tip on how to find profitable affiliate programs.


  • Comprehensive content is the first component. You may have heard about long-form content, however there is more.
  • In terms of content type, reviews and ultimate guides convert best, because these help people decide if the product is really for them or not.
  • You will need proper keyword research, because commercial (or buyer) keywords are going to ensure that your readers are in buying mode.

Link Building

  • Pagerank has been discontinued several years ago. But did you know that Google still uses pagerank? It’s still in their patent, you can look it up.
  • Internal link building is a method that you can completely control and use for distributing pagerank to money pages inside your site.
  • External link building is the final component of the equation. If you target low-competition keywords, a small number of links can create a huge effect.

The Method

How did I make this money?

It’s really super simple.

No need to track and beat 200 different Google ranking factors.

  1. I simply found a well-converting affiliate program,
  2. researched some low-competition buyer keywords,
  3. wrote a comprehensive guide on the subject
  4. and then I built a few backlinks to it.

If you keep doing this, you will gradually build up traffic and increase your site’s Domain Authority.

From the above steps, building external backlinks are the most difficult thing.

This is the reason you need to collaborate with other bloggers – if your content is good and you network with them, it’s a lot easier to find backlink opportunities.

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