Super Green Web Hosting Review

Introduction to Super Green Hosting

Super Green Hosting is a famous provider of web hosting services in the market. It provides excellent services like any other leading service provider. In addition, Super Green Hosting promises to provide these services while keeping the system environment friendly. They claim to have servers which produce 20% less carbon dioxide. Complete data centers are optimized for keeping the environment in better condition. The energy consumption is kept to minimum and servers are powered by wind. The area around data centers is covered with lots of trees to minimize the global warming. In addition to focusing on keeping the surroundings green, Super Green Hosting provides features like guaranteed uptime, free domain name and lot of unlimited stuff. Package is very affordable and carry all advanced features which may be required by a small or a medium business. Make sure you pick a great domain.

Brief History

Luke Kendall is leading the Super Green Hosting’s team. Company’s concept evolved after deliberating on an environmental report stating that all web hosting servers in the world together producing about 20% of global CO2. This report came into lime light in 2007. After that they decided to give web hosting industry a completely new dimension. Super Green Hosting was officially founded in 2008. Since then company has succeeded in leaving a clean track record while providing the quality services.

Salient Features and Design

The idea on which Super Green Hosting was established became the core of their success. They made a different approach towards their target. When we talk about traditional features which a web hosting company is supposed to provide, Super Green Hosting makes no compromise. They provide lots of unlimited features like monthly bandwidth, disk storage, Email accounts. High performance quad processors are energizing the servers on linux platform. Apache web server is fully customized as per the requirements. Company prepares courtesy backups of your site and makes them available for your use in case of any disaster.

Other than traditional web hosting features, Super Green Hosting also provides perks like free website promotion and a huge bundle of bonus scripts. In website promotion they offer Google, Yahoo, Miva, Bidvertiser and MSN ad credits for free, these can easily be converted into valuable traffic. Bonus scripts include bulletin board, PHP Nuke, WordPress, b2evolution, Joomla, poll and survey software, Moodle and many more.

Website design technology includes Dreamweaver support, FTP client support, FTP access, online form builder and CMS software. All these tools are fully compatible with the system and run very well.

Pricing and Packages

Super Green Hosting is currently offering only one package. They have worked out this package to fit in every place. Small and medium sized customers can lay their hands on it with their eyes closed because it is hardly lacking anything. This well designed package is available in just $4.95/month. It is an economical price when we stare at the type of hosting they are offering. Unlike others they are spending more amount just to keep the environment clean.

Customer Support

Super Green Hosting claims to have a strong customer support system and they offer 24/7 help desk to their customers. Customer support is a field which cannot be tested in short time, it can only be good when it is tested for years and proves itself during all hard times. Super Green Hosting is a new company and commenting on their customer support is quite tricky, however, time would reveal the durability of their mental muscles.


Super Green Hosting is emerging in the market with a stunning pace just because of the advantages one gets on joining hands with Super Green Hosting. The most significant advantages are listed below to help the readers in making their decisions.

  • This company runs its servers with wind power and the area around servers is extensively cultivated with green trees. This is really minimizing the global warming.
  • Servers consume less energy and produce 20% less CO2. These servers and the environment around them together provide a super green environment.
  • Website promotions are provided to take a jump start online.
  • Almost every script is available and is ready to install. All are fully compatible with the servers.
  • World’s best control panel i.e. cPanel is provided for account management.
  • Live support in cPanel is available for instant help.


Super Green Hosting has evolved into the market with almost different concept from rest of the world. They are marketing their concept of green hosting which is a strange idea for a majority of customers. This fact has brought few disadvantages like.

  • Idea of green hosting is not liked by everyone.
  • As Super Green Hosting is bit expensive than others because customers pay extra for running the system in green environment, which is not a good idea.
  • The services of Super Green Hosting are only suitable for small businesses.
  • Only one package is available which makes the choice of customer very limited.
  • Promotion ads are integrated inside control panel.


Super Green Hosting is one of those very few on the planet who think about keeping the environment green. They provide all features for small business owners and can run their business well while doing something good for our surroundings as well. If you have the desire to improve life of the living species via web hosting then Super Green Hosting can be a very good choice.

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