Making Networking Easier

Getting Started Guide

Networking with other sites is one of the biggest hurdles webmasters run into, because not all website owners are interested.

  • You may want to sell a domain or a blog
  • Write a guest post on another blog…
  • Find affiliates
  • Find others that want to link to your content

But we all hate begging others.

I created this marketplace to make it less painful to find quality sites you can collaborate with.

Do you have quality content?

Then it’s just fair that you get the attention you deserve.

User Accounts

Best SEO Products is basically a classified listings marketplace.

Anyone who wants to participate in this marketplace can create a user account.

Spammer and low quality accounts will be banned.

The following high risk domains are prohibited:

  • Porn
  • Gambling
  • Drugs/pharma/cannabis
  • Violence/hate

Collaboration only makes sense if you have quality content and products.

Other than that each user can create unlimited number of listings.

Marketplace Listings

The marketplace is designed for the following types of listings:

  • People selling domains
  • People selling websites
  • Freelancers selling content creation services
  • Sites that accept new content from other bloggers
  • Affiliates

These are shown in the different Directory Tags that you can assign to your listing.

Communication In The Marketplace

Each listing contains a “Contact Listing Owner” button that can be used for sending internal messages.

The listing owner gets an email notification whenever he gets a message.

Reporting And Votes

Please report any violations to the admin through the “Report Abuse” feature.

There is a “Listing Ratings” feature where you can provide feedback about the quality of listings.

Fees And Payments

Currently I am not charging any fees for participation in the site. Even if I will, it would only be along the lines of $10 a year or so to cover expenses of running the site.

Instead of paying a fee you will be asked to share this site so that we have lots of other websites to collaborate with.

I would rather keep this site free and make money from affiliate programs instead.

The Best SEO Products site itself doesn’t process any payments, the participants are responsible for this.

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