How to select SEO friendly Domain Name

Domain names play the most important role in deciding future of a website. It is said that all starts from the name. A good name leads to a good result. Importance of domain name gives birth to various new questions. To address those queries, we are writing this post to share our experience with our readers.

SEO friendly domain name

What are the Considerations for selecting a domain name

There are generally two approaches for selecting a domain name. First is that you go for an SEO friendly domain and the second is that you introduce a brand name which has nothing to do with SEO. Here in this article, we will be only focusing on selecting an SEO friendly domain name while giving just a premise on brand based domain names.

In order to get an SEO friendly theme, you need to follow the following steps.

TLD(Top Level Domains) are SEO friendly

SEO friendly domain name

Make every effort to find .com domain but if you are unable to find the desired keywords on .com domain then go for some other famous one. The order of priority of different domains is as under.

  • .com
  • .net
  • .info

These priorities are mostly valid to personal blogs/websites and general purpose websites. If you are going to make a website for some educational institute or for a TV channel then you may go for .edu or .tv respectively.

Keywords in Domain

SEO friendly domain name

If you are not going for making a new brand then having your keywords in your domain is the best way to make your domain SEO friendly. Examples of brands are ‘‘ and ‘‘ whose name doesn’t tell the whole story. The reason why they are not telling the complete story is that because people already know who they are and what they do. Their name doesn’t require them to explain everything to their target audience. Now take the example of our website ‘‘. Just by having a glance, one can make out that it is a website offering some SEO product or at least one can guess that it is something about SEO. I hope the understanding of Brand name and SEO friendly name is now clear!

So having keywords in domain means that you try to include some of your target keywords in your domain or something which really describes your product or services. It helps search engines in getting the desired information about your website which it can later interpret to evaluate your website. Some examples of SEO friendly domain names are, etc etc.

Domain Name Length

Search engines and users, both like short domain which are easy to write and are easy to remember as well. You need to keep your domain name as simple and short as it is possible. It is better to have less keywords and a short domain then to have a longer domain with more keywords. Also keep in mind that you design your domain in a way that there is no chance of mixing up spellings.


SEO friendly domain name

Avoid the use of complex underscores or unnecessary dashes in your domain. Try your level best that you do not include any dashes in your domain name because they are not really liked by users and search engines. The bottom line is that your domain needs to be extremely simple looking and that’s all.

These were the few basics which should help you in searching for an SEO friendly domain. If you have any questions, feel free to post them below, we regularly reply to your queries.

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