How To Select An Expired Domain

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Building your site on an expired domain can save you some effort spent on link building.

Now I am going to show you how I picked the DA 16 domain name of this website.

1. Head over to and enter your keyword. (Create a free account if you don’t have one yet.)

2. Sort the results by DP (Domain Pop) or BL (Backlinks). You will get a screen like this:

3. Select a brandable domain name.

4. Check the backlink count in SEO SpyGlass.

5. Check the pages the backlinks are pointing to. You are looking for a balanced link profile with no spam.

6. Go to and check the previous use of the domain to ensure it’s a legit website and there is no spam.

7. Check the Domain Authority of the domain with Domain Authority Checker or

8. Register your domain with NameSilo with free privacy (use coupon code saadh to get an extra dollar off). NameSilo is one of the top 20 registrars on the planet and has more than 2 million active domains.

9. Select your preferred payment method.

10. Build your WordPress blog and create the URLs that have backlinks pointing to it, such as this Super Green Web Hosting Review has several.

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