How to Get More Comments on Your Blog

Spam free and original comments are the dream and one of the biggest desire of every blogger. Real comments talk something about the quality of content on your blog/website and also signal that your content is worth reading. But the question is how to get more comments on your blog which are made by real users. I would suggest following course of action for getting more comments on your blog.

Write Quality content

How to get more blog comments

Quality content-specially which is focused towards solving the problems of users is the first step towards being successful in getting more comments. It is something natural, I or someone else, would only like to respond or engage ourselves in something which is of some use and really worth our attention. Content which is written by newbies and less professional writers is never liked by specially online readers. So the first step in getting more comments on your blog is that you create lots of quality content which forces your readers to express their views.

Provide Answers to Problems

How to get more blog comments

Providing solution to different sort of problems is the best way of engaging a wider audience. A person who is in search of his answer is not likely to get the exact solution because there are hundreds and thousands of problems and one answer to any specific problem can never match everyone so eventually they would like to ask about more specific details of their problems. And even if the problem is fully resolved, the probability of getting a thank you in comments is quite good.

Do it by Words

How to get more blog comments

You can offer or request your readers to leave comments. By this I never mean that you start begging people for commenting on your blog rather it means that you make use of some attractive and polite language to lure them to comment. An example statement is like ?Feel free to discuss this topic in more detail, I will be happy to assist you.?

Start something Controversial

How to get more blog comments

Although it is not a very good idea and most of the people make a very wrong use of this concept. However, there are good ways to do it as well. There are many controversial topics which are not related to any country, establishment or group but are controversial with regards to their concept. Just for example if I say that ‘Duplicate content is beneficial for SEO’, you will see hundreds of SEO experts will appear saying that it is incorrect and it’s the other way around.

So these were the few tips to make you get more comments on your blog. There are dozens of more ways and means which you can explore, it’s up to you how you compel your readers to comment. If you have some great ideas then please spare some moments to share those with us so that we can include them in our next posts.

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