How To Find Profitable Affiliate Programs

Here is the formula I used for writing a blog post that makes $500 per month.

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Do you really want to make a lot of money with your blog?

Then stop paying attention to your traffic, because it’s a vanity metric.

What matters is how much money this traffic actually generates for you.

You can make more money with less visitors.


The answer is simple: Affiliate Offers Payout.

The products to promote should generate 30-70% commission rates. Compare that to the Amazon Associates payout rates of 3-8%.

In the affiliate world, payouts can be massively different.

Here is the payout for the first affiliate program I had success with:NameSilo Affiliate programThey pay a 10% commission on the first order made by any new customer that I refer to their site.

The average order value is around $9 and the payment is a bit over a dollar per purchase.

Compare that to the payout my other affiliate program:

monthly affiliate payout

They pay a 30% commission on the all orders made by any new customer that you refer to their site. Because I have an older account, I get 50% per commission.

The order value is between $49-$218 and the payment is $67 per purchase.

Therefore, as an affiliate marketer, it makes more sense to focus on the highest payout niches because you will get more return for your effort. A large part of your niche research should be to identify markets with high earnings per sale.

Finding High Payout Affiliate Programs

Family-Friendly/Low Spam

The problem is: High payout subjects attract spam big time.

Therefore if your site is about some sex subject or diet pill, almost nobody will link to you and you have no chance competing.

Product Quality

High quality is often incompatible with high payouts.

Many companies pay their affiliates a lot of money to compensate for a crappy product.

Finding one that sells good stuff (gets results) AND pays well is a challenge, however it’s worth it because the product is easier to sell and you will get less refunds.

Existing Demand for the Product

The easiest way to make money is to recommend products that people actually want.

If you can generate enough traffic to articles that allow you to recommend these products it is the easiest way to convert your readers.

Quality of Sales Page

Many high-quality products have a TERRIBLE sales page.

You can use this to your advantage and write in-depth guides on how to use the product and get results with it.

Lots of Keywords

If you want to make money, you will need to be able to target keywords.

If you can manage a large content production operation then you can do well in a niche where traffic is split amongst hundreds of keywords.

The Affiliate Programs

I personally vote for software affiliate programs.

Here are some sites that regularly release niche researches you can use:

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