How to do SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization and is done to rank website pages high in search engine results. SEO is a big subject and ranking pages high in search  engine takes lot of stuff. There are dozens of aspects which you need to take care of. Here in this article, we will list down only few to give you an idea of how SEO is done.

Select an SEO friendly Domain

Select a domain name which is optimized for SEO. Domain names have great impact on overall rankings of your website. Selecting a domain name is the most important aspect because it is said that it all starts with a good name. Your name is your identity and specially a domain name have great impact on  your future. If you want to know more about the domain names then you can read more in our post ‘How to select an SEO friendly Domain Name’ or How To Select An Expired Domain.

Keyword Research

Once you have selected the domain name, next is the most important part of SEO i.e. Keyword Research. Keywords are the words for which you want your website to appear against in search engines. You need to basically find that search of which keywords can bring you the most relevant visitors on your website. For example, if you are selling an anti virus software then you must optimize you website for following keywords.

    • Best Anti Virus
    • Top 10 Anti Virus
    • Most Trusted Anti Virus
    • Most Liked Anti Virus

Most efficient tools for searching for appropriate keywords is Google Keyword Suggestion Tool and Google Traffic Estimator. They can tell you about value of each keyword in terms of quantity of local and global searches.

You must deliberately compile a list of keywords before you start your SEO efforts.

On-site Optimization

On-Site optimization is also equally important and needs equal attention. All the aspects mentioned above does not require any programming knowledge, rather they just require internet marketing know-how and common sense. Whereas, on-site optimization is all about programming and deals entirely with site structure. Following points need special attention with regards to on-site optimization.

    • No Dynamic url structure is used and all url are simple. Just like our url (you can see it in address bar of your browser).
    • No Flash Content is used.
    • Minimum use of Javasript.
    • Website should take very less time. You can check the load time of your website using Pingdom.
    • No Frames are used.
    • You can check further aspects of on-site optimization at Woo Rank.

Off-site Optimization

Off-site optimization is all about telling people that you are around. You need to create a buzz in social networking sites, forums, blogs of the same kind and on other related websites. There are variety of ways for promoting your website on the internet. ?Off-site? is the name of all the efforts you do outside your website to promote it. It has no relation with your code and programming or site structure. Following are the most common techniques for Off-site optimization.

    • Promotion on Social Media and Social Bookmarking sites.
    • Forum Posting.
    • Blog Commenting.
    • Guest Posting.
    • Press Release Publishing.

Create SEO Optimized Content

Content is the backbone of every website and it is the content which finally decides everything. All the efforts you put in will go in vain if site does not have SEO optimized and interesting content which is useful to a real user. If you have interesting content, rest of the things will keep improving automatically. Just have a look on this site , it is nothing but a site with lots of interesting stuff and just because of this reason it receives lot of traffic. Even if you take the example of our website, it is all about articles and articles, nothing else.

When we say that content plays the most vital role then we must give it it’s due share and dedicate maximum time and efforts for content writing. Following must be ensured with regards to content.

    • It is original and unique.
    • It is interesting and is of user’s interest.
    • It is solving a real-life problem.
    • It is easy to read and comprehend.
    • It has some relation with main idea of your website.

These were few aspects of SEO which should be kept in mind while you learn ‘how to do SEO’. Doing SEO is an easy job but requires accurate knowledge and in-depth understanding of subject. But even if you know how to do it, it is too time-consuming. To speed up the whole process, SEO experts and SEO firms use various tools and products which give them ultimate and quick results. Below is the list of most famous and reliable products. You may check and use them.

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