How Guest Blogging Works

Guest Blogging is a wonderful way to tell people about your ideas, services you offer and products you own. It is the most respectable way to talk about your product/website. Guest blogging provides following benefits.

  • You become famous as an author
  • Brings huge internet traffic to your website
  • Your ideas and words gain value
  • You make backlinks to your own site
  • You get more invitations for partnership programs and guest blogging

This was all about what benefits guest blogging provides? you and to your business but the real Question is How Guest Blogging Works.

How Guest Blogging Works


How Guest Blogging Works

Guest blogging means writing an article or providing piece of content to a fellow blogger(in the same niche) and in that post you slightly mention your own product/business along with a link back to your website.”

To start, you need to find websites/blogs which are relevant to your niche and check for any signs of guest blogging. Blogs which have never offered guest blogging are not likely to offer you as well so there is no fun in wasting time on such blogs/websites. Once you have short-listed the blogs where you have all the potential of getting a guest blogger opportunity, the next step is to start contacting them and tell them your motives. Soon you will be getting invitations of writing and people will start asking for a sample of your writing. If you have reached to this stage, you are almost done. Just write a good piece of content, include your link and submit it. Be very patient if you are asked to re-write it a few times because every blogger has its own standards and style which he would like to see in your content. (If you want to guest blog on our blog please contact us)

It’s a very small but tricky process and if you are successful, you will get multiple benefits. Here is the breakdown of all the steps mentioned above.

      • Short-list blogs
      • Check Domain Authority
      • Contact owners/webmasters
      • Ask Permission for Guest Blogging
      • If successful, provide your sample content
      • If approved, prepare a good piece of content along with a backlink to your own site
      • Submit it
      • See it going live
      • enjoy!

ProBlogger is very famous for offering Guest Blogging Opportunities.

I hope now you are clear about How Guest Blogging works. We would be very pleased to hear your thoughts regarding guest blogging so don?t forget to post your comments below. If you want to guest blog on our blog please contact us.

How Guest Blogging Works

Best SEO Checklist

SEO is a continuous and time consuming job which requires dedicated efforts and time.

There are so many things to do that you cannot remember them all. There are hundreds of small factors which a webmaster should take care of.

To streamline SEO efforts, we have compiled a small checklist which contains 110 steps to complete your SEO efforts.

Best SEO checklist is the best solution. Use it and you will never worry about missing something important.

Have fun…

How to select SEO friendly Domain Name

Domain names play the most important role in deciding future of a website. It is said that all starts from the name. A good name leads to a good result. Importance of domain name gives birth to various new questions. To address those queries, we are writing this post to share our experience with our readers.

SEO friendly domain name

What are the Considerations for selecting a domain name

There are generally two approaches for selecting a domain name. First is that you go for an SEO friendly domain and the second is that you introduce a brand name which has nothing to do with SEO. Here in this article, we will be only focusing on selecting an SEO friendly domain name while giving just a premise on brand based domain names.

In order to get an SEO friendly theme, you need to follow the following steps.

TLD(Top Level Domains) are SEO friendly

SEO friendly domain name

Make every effort to find .com domain but if you are unable to find the desired keywords on .com domain then go for some other famous one. The order of priority of different domains is as under.

  • .com
  • .net
  • .info

These priorities are mostly valid to personal blogs/websites and general purpose websites. If you are going to make a website for some educational institute or for a TV channel then you may go for .edu or .tv respectively.

Keywords in Domain

SEO friendly domain name

If you are not going for making a new brand then having your keywords in your domain is the best way to make your domain SEO friendly. Examples of brands are ‘‘ and ‘‘ whose name doesn’t tell the whole story. The reason why they are not telling the complete story is that because people already know who they are and what they do. Their name doesn’t require them to explain everything to their target audience. Now take the example of our website ‘‘. Just by having a glance, one can make out that it is a website offering some SEO product or at least one can guess that it is something about SEO. I hope the understanding of Brand name and SEO friendly name is now clear!

So having keywords in domain means that you try to include some of your target keywords in your domain or something which really describes your product or services. It helps search engines in getting the desired information about your website which it can later interpret to evaluate your website. Some examples of SEO friendly domain names are, etc etc.

Domain Name Length

Search engines and users, both like short domain which are easy to write and are easy to remember as well. You need to keep your domain name as simple and short as it is possible. It is better to have less keywords and a short domain then to have a longer domain with more keywords. Also keep in mind that you design your domain in a way that there is no chance of mixing up spellings.


SEO friendly domain name

Avoid the use of complex underscores or unnecessary dashes in your domain. Try your level best that you do not include any dashes in your domain name because they are not really liked by users and search engines. The bottom line is that your domain needs to be extremely simple looking and that’s all.

These were the few basics which should help you in searching for an SEO friendly domain. If you have any questions, feel free to post them below, we regularly reply to your queries.

5 Best SEO Tools

Search engine optimization is very essential for getting your website up in all search engines and if you implement proper and effective search SEO tools then you will be able to rank your webpage high in every search engine. There are some important tools that you must have for promoting your webpage in an effective way and in this discussion I will tell you about 5 best SEO tools.

First of all you need to have a link checker because search engines will always check quality of links that your webpage contains. This is important to add quality links to your webpage because if you start adding substandard and irrelevant links then these links will not help your webpage to go up in search engine results. In order to increase your webpage rank you need to have quality links and a link checker will tell you the exact quality of the links. Another very important SEO tool is your domain‘s backlink checker because there are two kinds of backlinks that every webpage has. There are homepage links as well as you will see deep page links. Most of the times people tend to increase their homepage links but they do not give much importance to deep page links. This is not the right strategy to adopt because there must be a balance between homepage links and deep page links. Backlink checker will tell you the exact number of homepage links as well as it will tell you the number of deep page links that you have in your webpage.

Another SEO tool is page rank checker. There is a very complex method that Google uses to rank webpages and this page rank checker works on the same principle. It helps you to see your present rank in Google as well as in other search engines. By keeping your current rank in mind you can prepare your next strategy for increasing the rank of your webpage. Page rank prediction is also lot similar to page rank checker but it just tell you the result of your currently implemented SEO techniques. It helps you to set your goal because sometimes people keep on implementing different SEO techniques but in the end they find out that most of those strategies were not working. This page rank prediction will help you to optimize your SEO techniques and will guide you towards implementing more effective SEO techniques.

Another very effective SEO tool is search engine position tool. This tool helps you to find the exact position of your keywords in search engines. Although you can check the position of your keyword manually by searching in Google but this automated tool helps you to optimize the keyword search and you can see more detailed position of all relevant keywords. These are the 5 best SEO tools that you can use for increasing the visibility of your webpage in different search engines. If you use all of the above mentioned SEO tools in proper way then you will be able to make your webpage number 1 in Google search engine.

You can also use following tools. They are said to be the most effective.

SEO Tools

  • Ahrefs
  • Pingdom
  • SEO SpyGlass

How to do SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization and is done to rank website pages high in search engine results. SEO is a big subject and ranking pages high in search  engine takes lot of stuff. There are dozens of aspects which you need to take care of. Here in this article, we will list down only few to give you an idea of how SEO is done.

Select an SEO friendly Domain

Select a domain name which is optimized for SEO. Domain names have great impact on overall rankings of your website. Selecting a domain name is the most important aspect because it is said that it all starts with a good name. Your name is your identity and specially a domain name have great impact on  your future. If you want to know more about the domain names then you can read more in our post ‘How to select an SEO friendly Domain Name’ or How To Select An Expired Domain.

Keyword Research

Once you have selected the domain name, next is the most important part of SEO i.e. Keyword Research. Keywords are the words for which you want your website to appear against in search engines. You need to basically find that search of which keywords can bring you the most relevant visitors on your website. For example, if you are selling an anti virus software then you must optimize you website for following keywords.

    • Best Anti Virus
    • Top 10 Anti Virus
    • Most Trusted Anti Virus
    • Most Liked Anti Virus

Most efficient tools for searching for appropriate keywords is Google Keyword Suggestion Tool and Google Traffic Estimator. They can tell you about value of each keyword in terms of quantity of local and global searches.

You must deliberately compile a list of keywords before you start your SEO efforts.

On-site Optimization

On-Site optimization is also equally important and needs equal attention. All the aspects mentioned above does not require any programming knowledge, rather they just require internet marketing know-how and common sense. Whereas, on-site optimization is all about programming and deals entirely with site structure. Following points need special attention with regards to on-site optimization.

    • No Dynamic url structure is used and all url are simple. Just like our url (you can see it in address bar of your browser).
    • No Flash Content is used.
    • Minimum use of Javasript.
    • Website should take very less time. You can check the load time of your website using Pingdom.
    • No Frames are used.
    • You can check further aspects of on-site optimization at Woo Rank.

Off-site Optimization

Off-site optimization is all about telling people that you are around. You need to create a buzz in social networking sites, forums, blogs of the same kind and on other related websites. There are variety of ways for promoting your website on the internet. ?Off-site? is the name of all the efforts you do outside your website to promote it. It has no relation with your code and programming or site structure. Following are the most common techniques for Off-site optimization.

    • Promotion on Social Media and Social Bookmarking sites.
    • Forum Posting.
    • Blog Commenting.
    • Guest Posting.
    • Press Release Publishing.

Create SEO Optimized Content

Content is the backbone of every website and it is the content which finally decides everything. All the efforts you put in will go in vain if site does not have SEO optimized and interesting content which is useful to a real user. If you have interesting content, rest of the things will keep improving automatically. Just have a look on this site , it is nothing but a site with lots of interesting stuff and just because of this reason it receives lot of traffic. Even if you take the example of our website, it is all about articles and articles, nothing else.

When we say that content plays the most vital role then we must give it it’s due share and dedicate maximum time and efforts for content writing. Following must be ensured with regards to content.

    • It is original and unique.
    • It is interesting and is of user’s interest.
    • It is solving a real-life problem.
    • It is easy to read and comprehend.
    • It has some relation with main idea of your website.

These were few aspects of SEO which should be kept in mind while you learn ‘how to do SEO’. Doing SEO is an easy job but requires accurate knowledge and in-depth understanding of subject. But even if you know how to do it, it is too time-consuming. To speed up the whole process, SEO experts and SEO firms use various tools and products which give them ultimate and quick results. Below is the list of most famous and reliable products. You may check and use them.

How to Get More Comments on Your Blog

Spam free and original comments are the dream and one of the biggest desire of every blogger. Real comments talk something about the quality of content on your blog/website and also signal that your content is worth reading. But the question is how to get more comments on your blog which are made by real users. I would suggest following course of action for getting more comments on your blog.

Write Quality content

How to get more blog comments

Quality content-specially which is focused towards solving the problems of users is the first step towards being successful in getting more comments. It is something natural, I or someone else, would only like to respond or engage ourselves in something which is of some use and really worth our attention. Content which is written by newbies and less professional writers is never liked by specially online readers. So the first step in getting more comments on your blog is that you create lots of quality content which forces your readers to express their views.

Provide Answers to Problems

How to get more blog comments

Providing solution to different sort of problems is the best way of engaging a wider audience. A person who is in search of his answer is not likely to get the exact solution because there are hundreds and thousands of problems and one answer to any specific problem can never match everyone so eventually they would like to ask about more specific details of their problems. And even if the problem is fully resolved, the probability of getting a thank you in comments is quite good.

Do it by Words

How to get more blog comments

You can offer or request your readers to leave comments. By this I never mean that you start begging people for commenting on your blog rather it means that you make use of some attractive and polite language to lure them to comment. An example statement is like ?Feel free to discuss this topic in more detail, I will be happy to assist you.?

Start something Controversial

How to get more blog comments

Although it is not a very good idea and most of the people make a very wrong use of this concept. However, there are good ways to do it as well. There are many controversial topics which are not related to any country, establishment or group but are controversial with regards to their concept. Just for example if I say that ‘Duplicate content is beneficial for SEO’, you will see hundreds of SEO experts will appear saying that it is incorrect and it’s the other way around.

So these were the few tips to make you get more comments on your blog. There are dozens of more ways and means which you can explore, it’s up to you how you compel your readers to comment. If you have some great ideas then please spare some moments to share those with us so that we can include them in our next posts.

5 Tips To Select A Domain Name

Domain name is the place from where your websites starts. You don’t have an inspiring and effective domain, you don’t stand any chance of competing in.

Here are few simple tips to select a domain name.


If it is not a brand name, then it must include some useful keywords in it so that search engines should easily recognize your website. For example, if your website is about a weight loss product then it is beneficial to mention the words ?weight loss? in your domain. Just take the example of our domain. We talk about SEO products and our domain name is

Order of Keywords

Try to imagine and carry out some research that how your target audience is likely to think? about your products and how they will be typing their queries in search engines. They will definitely be typing their queries in some logical fashion which makes sense so, if possible, try to arrange your domain in the same very fashion.

Select TLD(Top Level Domains)

There are many domains available in the market but it is an undisputed fact that the best one is .com, however, it is very difficult to find the desired domain on .com because they all already been taken by someone. Try that you get some domain with .com but if that is not possible then you can go for .net domains. But if you are targeting the audience in some specific region then you can also go region specific domains like .uk, .pk etc etc.

Short and Easy

Domain should be as short as possible and at the same time, easy to remember. try avoiding the complex words or combinations because if your domain is difficult to remember or there is a great possibility of mistyping it then it will have considerable negative effect on your traffic. The best domains are the ones which are short and nice to pronounce.


Domain Age matters!

Older domains are always better than the new ones. New content on older domains always gets high ranking in search engines. If you have a good old domain then stick to it instead of shifting to a new domain name.

Super Green Web Hosting Review

Introduction to Super Green Hosting

Super Green Hosting is a famous provider of web hosting services in the market. It provides excellent services like any other leading service provider. In addition, Super Green Hosting promises to provide these services while keeping the system environment friendly. They claim to have servers which produce 20% less carbon dioxide. Complete data centers are optimized for keeping the environment in better condition. The energy consumption is kept to minimum and servers are powered by wind. The area around data centers is covered with lots of trees to minimize the global warming. In addition to focusing on keeping the surroundings green, Super Green Hosting provides features like guaranteed uptime, free domain name and lot of unlimited stuff. Package is very affordable and carry all advanced features which may be required by a small or a medium business. Make sure you pick a great domain.

Brief History

Luke Kendall is leading the Super Green Hosting’s team. Company’s concept evolved after deliberating on an environmental report stating that all web hosting servers in the world together producing about 20% of global CO2. This report came into lime light in 2007. After that they decided to give web hosting industry a completely new dimension. Super Green Hosting was officially founded in 2008. Since then company has succeeded in leaving a clean track record while providing the quality services.

Salient Features and Design

The idea on which Super Green Hosting was established became the core of their success. They made a different approach towards their target. When we talk about traditional features which a web hosting company is supposed to provide, Super Green Hosting makes no compromise. They provide lots of unlimited features like monthly bandwidth, disk storage, Email accounts. High performance quad processors are energizing the servers on linux platform. Apache web server is fully customized as per the requirements. Company prepares courtesy backups of your site and makes them available for your use in case of any disaster.

Other than traditional web hosting features, Super Green Hosting also provides perks like free website promotion and a huge bundle of bonus scripts. In website promotion they offer Google, Yahoo, Miva, Bidvertiser and MSN ad credits for free, these can easily be converted into valuable traffic. Bonus scripts include bulletin board, PHP Nuke, WordPress, b2evolution, Joomla, poll and survey software, Moodle and many more.

Website design technology includes Dreamweaver support, FTP client support, FTP access, online form builder and CMS software. All these tools are fully compatible with the system and run very well.

Pricing and Packages

Super Green Hosting is currently offering only one package. They have worked out this package to fit in every place. Small and medium sized customers can lay their hands on it with their eyes closed because it is hardly lacking anything. This well designed package is available in just $4.95/month. It is an economical price when we stare at the type of hosting they are offering. Unlike others they are spending more amount just to keep the environment clean.

Customer Support

Super Green Hosting claims to have a strong customer support system and they offer 24/7 help desk to their customers. Customer support is a field which cannot be tested in short time, it can only be good when it is tested for years and proves itself during all hard times. Super Green Hosting is a new company and commenting on their customer support is quite tricky, however, time would reveal the durability of their mental muscles.


Super Green Hosting is emerging in the market with a stunning pace just because of the advantages one gets on joining hands with Super Green Hosting. The most significant advantages are listed below to help the readers in making their decisions.

  • This company runs its servers with wind power and the area around servers is extensively cultivated with green trees. This is really minimizing the global warming.
  • Servers consume less energy and produce 20% less CO2. These servers and the environment around them together provide a super green environment.
  • Website promotions are provided to take a jump start online.
  • Almost every script is available and is ready to install. All are fully compatible with the servers.
  • World’s best control panel i.e. cPanel is provided for account management.
  • Live support in cPanel is available for instant help.


Super Green Hosting has evolved into the market with almost different concept from rest of the world. They are marketing their concept of green hosting which is a strange idea for a majority of customers. This fact has brought few disadvantages like.

  • Idea of green hosting is not liked by everyone.
  • As Super Green Hosting is bit expensive than others because customers pay extra for running the system in green environment, which is not a good idea.
  • The services of Super Green Hosting are only suitable for small businesses.
  • Only one package is available which makes the choice of customer very limited.
  • Promotion ads are integrated inside control panel.


Super Green Hosting is one of those very few on the planet who think about keeping the environment green. They provide all features for small business owners and can run their business well while doing something good for our surroundings as well. If you have the desire to improve life of the living species via web hosting then Super Green Hosting can be a very good choice.