5 Best SEO Tools

Search engine optimization is very essential for getting your website up in all search engines and if you implement proper and effective search SEO tools then you will be able to rank your webpage high in every search engine. There are some important tools that you must have for promoting your webpage in an effective way and in this discussion I will tell you about 5 best SEO tools.

First of all you need to have a link checker because search engines will always check quality of links that your webpage contains. This is important to add quality links to your webpage because if you start adding substandard and irrelevant links then these links will not help your webpage to go up in search engine results. In order to increase your webpage rank you need to have quality links and a link checker will tell you the exact quality of the links. Another very important SEO tool is your domain‘s backlink checker because there are two kinds of backlinks that every webpage has. There are homepage links as well as you will see deep page links. Most of the times people tend to increase their homepage links but they do not give much importance to deep page links. This is not the right strategy to adopt because there must be a balance between homepage links and deep page links. Backlink checker will tell you the exact number of homepage links as well as it will tell you the number of deep page links that you have in your webpage.

Another SEO tool is page rank checker. There is a very complex method that Google uses to rank webpages and this page rank checker works on the same principle. It helps you to see your present rank in Google as well as in other search engines. By keeping your current rank in mind you can prepare your next strategy for increasing the rank of your webpage. Page rank prediction is also lot similar to page rank checker but it just tell you the result of your currently implemented SEO techniques. It helps you to set your goal because sometimes people keep on implementing different SEO techniques but in the end they find out that most of those strategies were not working. This page rank prediction will help you to optimize your SEO techniques and will guide you towards implementing more effective SEO techniques.

Another very effective SEO tool is search engine position tool. This tool helps you to find the exact position of your keywords in search engines. Although you can check the position of your keyword manually by searching in Google but this automated tool helps you to optimize the keyword search and you can see more detailed position of all relevant keywords. These are the 5 best SEO tools that you can use for increasing the visibility of your webpage in different search engines. If you use all of the above mentioned SEO tools in proper way then you will be able to make your webpage number 1 in Google search engine.

You can also use following tools. They are said to be the most effective.

SEO Tools

  • Ahrefs
  • Pingdom
  • SEO SpyGlass

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